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Winter Holiday Diffuser Oil

Winter Holiday Diffuser Oil

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  • Quality You Can Trust: Immerse your home in the reassuring scent of Aroma Country's commitment to high-quality diffuser oils, blended and packaged in the USA, making every room feel like a warm and welcoming haven, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Lasting Fragrant Bliss: Our diffuser oils are blended in the USA with 100% active ingredients and 0% dilution or water, ensuring the enduring presence of this heartwarming fragrance, dispelling your worries about fast fading scents.
  • Comforting: Our diffuser oil refills are vegan, cruelty free, and safe for people and pets, allowing you to relieve daily stress and embrace the comforts of the season without worry.
  • Elevate Any Environment with Ease: Transform any space including your home, office, bathrooms, and retail spaces into a warm and inviting haven, fulfilling your desire for a cozy and festive atmosphere during the holiday season and beyond.
  • Your Scent, Your Way: Our diffuser oil is incredibly adaptable and can be used with oil diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizers / waterless diffusers, HVAC scent machines, oil warmers, reed diffusers, or even sprayed directly from the bottle , providing endless possibilities to enhance your space.
  • Fraser Fir / Pine Needle - The Enchanting Evergreen: Take a stroll through a snow-covered forest with our Frasier Fir diffuser oil. This captivating scent will transport you to a winter wonderland filled with the fresh, invigorating aroma of majestic evergreen trees. Feel the crisp mountain air and the serenity of a forest covered in a blanket of snow.
  • Apple Cinnamon - Sweet Nostalgia: Embrace the comforting nostalgia of holiday baking with our Apple Cinnamon diffuser oil. As the notes of juicy red apples mingle with the warm, spicy embrace of cinnamon, your home will come alive with the essence of freshly baked apple pies and cozy gatherings.
  • Gingerbread - A Treat for the Senses: Indulge in the delectable scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies with our Gingerbread diffuser oil. Immerse yourself in the sweet and spicy aroma of ginger, cinnamon, and molasses. Let the fragrance of a warm, freshly baked gingerbread house fill your home with pure delight.

Please Note: When smelling this product directly out of the container, it may seem light in nature. It is not a good representation of what it smells like when it is diffused or sprayed out of the bottle.

Please read instructions below for proper usage:

For the best results in an oil diffuser, use approximately 1/4 - 1/2 fill in your dropper per 75 – 100 mL (2.5 – 3.5 oz.) of water. Because this product is 100% active, oil-based, blended with fine fragrance and made with natural essential oils, it is:
• Very slippery on bare floors – When spraying this product over bare non-carpeted floors, the oil can make the floor slippery. This usually happens when multiple sprays are sprayed in the same area. If this happens, clean up the overspray using a wet mop or cloth. Can also be sprayed in room corners.
• Because this product does not contain water and is 100% active, avoid contact with leather, vinyl, wood, plastic, and painted surfaces. It could leave a mark on the surfaces listed. If overspray gets on these surfaces, immediately wipe it off with a wet cloth.

Please note: Various oil scents diffuse at different rates. For best results, start with a small amount of oil and increase gradually to your find optimum strength.

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