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JCLOUD Upgrade Smart Scent Air Machine - ND500

JCLOUD Upgrade Smart Scent Air Machine - ND500

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What is Cold Air Technology: It’s different from the traditional ultrasonic diffuser, the JCLOUD scent air machine can compress the cold air to convert the essential oil into dry mist micro-particles, So that the fragrance oil can scent your home and environment in minutes with high utilization rate. To improve your air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking without water or heat. No Mess, no frequently cleaning.

Make Scents In Everywhere: This JCLOUD nebulizer pro can make the scent fill room up to 4500 Sq.Ft creating a wonderful and relaxing ambiance for your bedrooms, bathroom, office room, spa rooms, even your commercial place. And there is a fan in the scent machine which could help you make the the scent up to much more further, fill with your room. With our unique fragrance diffuser which could connect with HVAC will inspire, excite and refresh you by surrounding the scents.

Large Capacity without Mess: It can work for about 40 days in highest grade. The machine makes it perfect for many scenarios including aromatherapy, business accommodations, use within home, yoga, spa for lasting fragrance your family or customers will love.

Natural & Safe: This scent machine brings the scent by nebulizing, which doesn't require any dilution to the oil, so you can get the pure fragrance that is safe for kids and pets. Use the JCLOUD Waterless HVAC Scent Diffuser to exert the BEST effect of the diffuser oils.

The Operation Tips: The app's default password is 1234. To reset the system, press the 1st and 4th button at the same time, and then choose "yes" to reset to FACTORY MODE. If you don't want to download the app, the machine can still work without it. But, it will work as the default process: work for 10 seconds, then pause for 110 seconds, then work for 10 seconds, then pause, and so on. This is different from traditional diffusers.


Capacity: 500 mL

Power: 10 W

Size: 7.48 x 3.90 x 9.84 in.

Max Coverage:  4500 sq. ft.

HVAC Connect: Yes

App Name for Bluetooth Controls: Aroma Link

App Default Password: 1234

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