New Aroma Country Branding

Customers who have been with us for a long time may have noticed something different about us lately...we're rebranding!

What does this mean?

Our look is getting a much needed makeover. Our labels, packaging, and website are all a part of this transformation.

Are your scents changing?

Nope! Our diffuser oils are still the same ones you know and love.

How will this effect my order?

For a limited time, you may receive one of two different bottles. Don't worry, the contents of either bottles are 100% the same, no matter the label change.

Why are you changing your look?

We know our diffuser oils are amazing and beautiful on the inside. They say it's what's on the inside that counts, but we want our look to reflect our beauty on the outside! Aroma Country stands at the forefront of scenting technology with our 100% active ingredient formulas, so it's time that our labels convey that to people who may not know us yet.

Thanks for staying with us through all these changes.

New Look, same captivating scent!