How To Use Our Diffuser Oils

Ultrasonic diffuser: Use approx.1/4 - 1/2 fill in your dropper per 75-100 mL (2.5-3.5 oz.) of water. Some essential oil fragrances are more robust than others, therefore, some fragrances may require a little more or less than others.  Fine mist sprayer: Simply twist on the sprayer and use to scent any area.  Reed diffuser: Fill your favorite container with oil and let the sticks absorb the scent. Flip sticks over to rejuvenate them.  nebulizer diffuser: To use in most nebulizing diffusers, add a small amount of undiluted oil to the device's reservoir.  Oil warmer: Put a small amount of oil in the reservoir and turn on lamp for a constant aroma. Although our diffuser oils are non-flammable, we recommend not using an open flame as a heat source.